Day Ten: Renew, Restart and Revitalize to Continue

“What can you do with your days but work and hope:  let your dreams bind your work to your play.”  — Bob Franke

William Raspberry, in his  last syndicated column, reflected on why he was retiring from the column and what he wanted to do next with his life. Indeed, he is retiring from the column because there are so many more dreams he wants to accomplish with his remaining time.  Raspberry says, “The next step — or at any rate, my next step — involves two more questions: What is worth doing? What is within my reach?”

He goes on to say, “The answers can be as grand or as humble as inclination and resources dictate.” Profound words for all of us as we consider the number of choices life offers us. Opportunities to contribute, to excel, to attain goals, to create happiness are everywhere. You need to find those that best match your dreams.

You have the opportunity every day to decide how you want to spend your time on life’s journey. Make conscious choices to create the life you’ve dreamed of having. Every day is a chance to renew, revitalize, and restart any aspect of your career and life. Want encouragement?

You have no reason to stay in a job  you hate. Don’t like your current relationships? Change them. Not satisfied with what you are accomplishing or the direction you are pursuing with your life? Change course now. Don’t waste a minute of the time you have. As my Zen calendar entry says,

  • “On the day you were born, you begin to die. Do not waste a single moment more.”  — Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

Or, you are happy with where you’ve been, but like William Raspberry, you have a whole list of additional things you still want to do. You can think about volunteering instead of changing careers. You can join organizations that represent your view point and contribute. You can spend more time with family and friends. The key point is that conscious choices are what bring success and joy.

The journey starts anew every single day of your life. Live consciously. Follow the tips in the nine earlier days of this Ten Day Success Program. Renew, restart, and revitalize to continue the journey. Life is an endless loop. You reach one plateau and more await your attention. Live consciously. Make great choices. Fellow travelers, the journey begins again – and again – and again.

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