How To Have an Office Everyone Can Enjoy

Remember, your customers immediately sense a happy, upbeat office when they come in. So making your office feel upbeat and positive not only will make your life better, it is a solid part of a marketing strategy. Now, don’t look around and expect everyone else to do something. You should be the key.

How do you go about it? Well……Here are some suggestions that have worked for others:

  1. Adopt a happy office policy: To be happy even if you don’t feel like it. A warm smile when you first come in and a real effort to keep that smile all day. If you have this policy, you will find it gets easier every day.
  2. Smile at everyone. Not a lascivious grin (you dog you), but a warm happy smile as your colleagues pass by.
  3. Say good morning to everyone. Don’t say names, so you say it to your boss, too. You are not toadying, you are just spreading warmth and inclusiveness.
  4. Celebrate. It doesn’t have to be a “boozie” party at the end of the day. When you win a contract, have a pizza lunch. No one gets drunk, no one gets embarrassed, everyone celebrates a collective win.
  5. Take muffins that you baked in the weekend once every few weeks.
  6. Have a Rose Friday. Bring a rose to each woman in your office one Friday a month. A bit hokey! Some will snigger, but everyone loves it. You can make it every Friday if you have enough money. They can then bring it home and enjoy it on the weekend.
  7. Answer other people’s phone calls when they are too busy. Try to help out anyone whom you see clearly needs help.
  8. Put up a poster. For Valentine’s Day, rather than send cards to a few people, just put up a poster in your cubicle that says: “My heart goes out to all of you.”  For everyday, put a note up in your cubicle that says: “First stop! For your son’s or daughter’s soccer team.” (Chocolates, you know.)
  9. Say a compliment when colleagues come to the office dressed up nicely. They spent time to do it and they deserve to be noticed. If you are concerned about appropriateness, just say: “You really look sharp today.”
  10. Get ready with your “messed” up stories. From your own experience, work our two stories when you really messed up. When someone in the office messes up, go and tell the person your story.
  11. Send thank you e-mail. When someone does something good, send an e-mail that simply says, “Thank you” or “Well done.

These are very simple steps you can start with. Once you adopt the Happy Office Policy, you will be surprised at how creative you will be in things you can do. Remember your happy office policy: To be happy even when you don’t feel like it. You spend as much time with your office colleagues as you do with your family. It’s worthwhile. It’s your life!

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