How To Welcome a New Employee

Most often, we just take for granted employees coming in to our offices for the first time. We give a distant smile, say welcome, and then hope they figure it out on their own. We forget that we have established an office culture that may just overwhelm many of the new ones coming in to join us.

There are three things to consider: the work to be done, the culture in the office and our commitment as human beings to reach out to newcomers and make them feel welcome.  As managers, we often feel that employees should be able to just jump in – or we may not want to micromanage them – but giving strong guidelines from the outset will help prevent future miscommunications.  You can learn some excellent techniques from the popular Overworked Manager’s Rescue Package, but for a quick overview of how to welcome new employees, simply read on!

Here are a few steps to ensure they will feel welcome to your office:

    1. Make an announcement. This can be done either in the bulletin board or office memo informing employees of the new person and the job this person is going to have in the office. If the office has a large number of employees, then inform at least those within the department that the person is going to join.
    2. Ask one of the receptionists to welcome the new employee. The reception people are usually pleasant as that is expected of their job. This includes bringing the new employee on a familiarization tour of the office and introducing her to the other employees who happen to be around while they walk about – not necessarily everyone, as this can also be overwhelming. Also, this would include introducing her to the CEO and passing the person on to the immediate supervisor.

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